Our philosophy combines craftsmanship with cutting-edge technologies, allowing synergy between manual workmanship and digital processes. From raw materials to the creation of unique garments, every phase of the production cycle is handled with dedication and attention to details, ensuring results with the highest quality standards.


At our clients' disposal, a vast archive of stitch ​patterns and examples of application (We have ​over 650 finished garments in our showroom). ​A stimulating database for the creators of ​Italian Fashion Style and the tangible evidence ​of our work.

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The creation of collections is entrusted to a creative team of pattern makers, a perfect mix of long experienced professionals and young talents. This is also why some of the most prestigious international brands place their trust in us.

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Our mission is to translate the creativity of our designers into machine language. We rely on skilled technicians and the latest hardware and software systems to constantly improve in blending maximum quality and reduced production times.

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Thanks to a careful company policy, our department uses numerous state-of-the-art Stoll knitting machines, ranging from gauge 3 to gauge 18. Here, natural and technical yarns intertwine and create exclusive weaves.

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The yarns and fabrics used by Milven Tricot come from the most qualified Italian production, with a preference for natural materials. Quality and coloring and finishing techniques tested and guaranteed by the manufacturers, constantly verified, contribute to maintaining a high profile for the product.

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Our tailoring department constitutes the beating heart of MILVEN tricot. Here, mechanization and a high level of manual skill and accuracy elevate our products to an unmatched quality. From tailoring prototypes to every single production item, the passion and professionalism of our operators shine through.

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From reception to warehouse, all the way to the shipment of the finished garment, our staff performs checks focused on achieving excellence, thereby preventing any potential anomalies. An attentive and meticulous quality control process that follows the entire journey of our creations.

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Personalized attention, constant availability, and active listening are the cornerstones of our customer service. We believe that it is essential to build deep and lasting connections, which is why we think that through communication and active exchange of ideas, we can achieve our common goals.

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